About St. Xavier's High School

St. Xavier's High School, Panchgani, is an educational institution of St. Xavier's Education Trust, Panchgani. Located 4300 feet above sea level in the Western Ghats, it is 300 kms south of Bombay and 100 kms south of Pune. St. Xaviers provides a unique environment to impart value-based education with opportunities for moral upbringing.

Our Mission

Empower the students to be on constant pursuit of knowledge by strengthening their intellectual capacities and seeking better ways to assimilate knowledge. Enable the students to understand the changes and explosions taking place in the field of knowledge. Develop a creative mind, which will search for a new way of being and doing at every point of life. Instill in their minds an aspiration for leadership towards growth and change. Develop a generation who will be ambassadors of peace, joy and altruism. Develop a balanced emotional character and personality, leading to self-awareness, motivation, self control, empathy and good social skills.

Our Vision

St. Xavier's envisions an integral and holistic development of the child, so as to enable him/her to live a free, just and honest life, empowring him/her to face the world with zest and contribute to the welfare of humanity.

Who We Are?

St. Xavier's Junior College, Panchgani Performance in the XII exam and the CET thereafter has become the gateway to high quality professional education and success.

What we Do?

St. Xavier's Junior College offers cutting edge training at the Junior College level with balanced preparation for various entrance exams.

Why US

St. Xavier's has well qualified and multi linguistic staff. They are trained and motivated to be good guides and friends of the children, through continuous in-service programs.

Vegetarian and non - vegetarian meals are served. Special care is taken to see that student's meals are balanced, tasty and nutritious. There are separate Kitchen and dinning halls for vegetarian and non - vegetarian Students.

In case of withdrawal of students at the end of an academic year the parents should notify their intention in writing before the end of February. Three months notice is required for any withdrawal during the year, failing which three months fees (Boarding and School) will be charged, L. C. will not be issued unless all dues are cleared and all accounts with the school are settled.

St. Xavier's is a residential school and has a hostel under the care of Catholic fathers. It provides an environment for comfortable living which will facilitate the best of academic pursuits. Alphonsa Hostel is a home away from home. Every student is a member of the close knit family of St. Xaviers, where affectionate care is provided.

Panchagani is famous for its good climate and children usually keep good health. However the school has entrusted the total medical care of the students to Bel-Air Hospital of Indian Red cross Society which has many qualified doctors including a Pediatrician, an Orthopaedician and a Dentist and all other back up services. Further all the borders are covered under a comprehensive medical scheme of Bel-Air Hospital.

Moral and religious training is an important part of the formative programme of the school and Boarding. Students have regular Yoga Training and Practice. The students are initiated into the scriptures of all prominent religions. All major religious festivals are celebrated in the school ; Lord Krishna Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, Id, Deepawali, Christmas,etc. Muslim children are encouraged to offer Namaz on Fridays, Hindu Children are allowed to visit temples on festival days. Christian students should attend sunday worship and Catechism classes.

St. Xavier's Junior College offers cutting edge training at the Junior College level with balanced preparation for various entrance exams. We offer Science and Commerce streams in the junior college. The junior college is affiliated to Maharashtra HSC Board. The campus facilities and best guidance of qualified professionals provide a unique environment for competitive learning.